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Our Instructors


April Bell

April started her yoga journey in 2015. She found the health benefits that came from having a consistent yoga practice shortly after being diagnosed with cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. This fueled her drive to learn as much as she could about yoga and to become a certified yoga teacher. Yoga heals your body, mind, and soul. April is a Reiki Master, and will be completing her Aerial Yoga Teacher Training certification in October. 

"I want other people to feel the way I feel after doing yoga. It is life changing if you allow it to be."

April is the owner and operator of Mountain Yoga and is passionate about sharing the positive benefits of yoga to everyone.


Heather Devereux

Heather initially found yoga as a way to heal and maintain her physical health.  After trying yoga she immediately felt different.  Since then, yoga has been her go to for helping her to be successful with life's challenges & helping her to reach her goals.  Heather's goal with opening a yoga studio is to introduce the benefits of a consistent yoga practice to everyone, regardless of age, no matter their physical limitation.

As a runner, swimmer and diver Heather had common sports injuries such as knee, shoulder and joints issue.  Alignment style yoga helps her move freely in her body and without pain.

Heather completed her yoga instructor certification course in Asheville NC w/ Stephanie Keech in 2011 at the Asheville Yoga Center.


Penny Joy Barnett


Penny is a 200-hour Register Yoga Teacher (RYT) graduate of Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training at Evolve Yoga + Wellness, in California, Maryland. She has her 50-hour Yoga Anatomy certification, and is currently working on her 30-hour Warrior At Ease certification for Trauma and PTSD She discovered the magic of movement with breath and the incredible benefits to her body.


She is a Veteran, married to a wonderful man and has five incredible daughters and one very adorable granddaughter. She loves being outside in nature and especially loves Earthing/Grounding where you will most likely catch her barefooted. Penny brings a mindfulness to her classes, slowing down to allow students to explore their body and learn to honor their journey.


Brooke Strickland

Brooke completed her yoga teacher training in South Carolina, and graduated in June 2020.


Her practice began as a teenager like many millennial/gen z borderlines...anxious,depressed, and dealing with personal traumas. The practice of concentrating and stilling the mind through meditation called to her first, through that she began her physical yoga practice. There would be a few years between this and attending her training, and her practice was strictly personal, at home. In the years between she attended The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, a 2.5 year program based out of NC, and also acquired her mushroom foraging license.


Through these studies she began to truly feel at one in nature. Hungry to continue on this path of personal wellness she decided it was time to take her yoga practice to a real studio. She walked in the first day to inquire with the owner about applying for teacher training. This request was met with an approving smile and was told "why don't you come in and make sure you like us first." Six months later teacher training began, and by the end Brooke learned that the practice of yoga is truly to still the ripples of the mind, because when the mind is still, that is where your true self will be found.


Deborah George

Deborah has been involved in fitness most of her life. Starting with acrobatics and running, physical exercise was always a major part of her life style. She has been teaching yoga, meditation and various group exercise classes since the late nineties. She has certifications in all of the above in addition to personal training, corrective exercise and Thai yoga therapy.


Megan Hume

Megan's yoga journey began in Miami, Florida in the early 90s. Knowing that yoga was going to play a special role in her life, she continuously came back to her mat for 20+ years before taking the plunge & diving into a teacher training program


Yoga teacher training was transformative, showing Megan a true glimpse of just how powerful this practice is and how every body can benefit from this ancient tradition.

Megan loves the inner & outer awareness that comes along with a solid practice and wants to help people of all ages learn how to breathe and to incorporate yoga into their everyday lives.

melissa ogden.jpg

Melissa Ogden

Melissa Sue Odgen is a yoga therapist studying and teaching in the Viniyoga tradition under the guidance of Amy Wheeler, PhD, director of the Optimal State Yoga Therapy School. Specializing in one-on-one personalized practices, beginners courses, back-care courses, and helping people with premenstrual issues, Melissa's aim has always been to be able to share the life-altering benefits of yoga with any one ready to learn. Melissa currently operates two online yoga studios, serving students globally, and has previously operated a nonprofit yoga studio that she founded in Dothan, Alabama. Melissa is a life-long student of yoga and plans to share her love for the practice until her time on Earth is over. It would be her sincere honor to spend time with you on the mat.

whitney yoga_edited.jpg

Whitney Freyer


The journey of yoga began in 2015 for Whitney. In her early twenties she was drawn to the practice for mostly physical attributes and the exciting interest in the potential combo deal of spiritual growth and development. As her home and occasional drop-in studio classes began to deepen she knew yoga would be a staple in her personal life but didn’t realize how big of a factor yoga would actually become. In the years to come she continued with a thirst for integrative and holistic knowledge. In 2019 Whitney became a North Carolina Licenced Massage and Bodywork Therapist , in 2020 she completed her third level of Reiki training as a Reiki Master and is also certified in Traditional Thai Foot Massage.     As all of the consistent changes were going on around her, the centered space of her yoga practice held it all together. Her practice was teaching her, showing her and guiding her as her attention was directed inward. And in May 2022 Whitney finished her 200 hr RYT. As someone who works


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