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Private Class

Do you have personal goals in mind you would like to work on, or would you like to have a more personalized yoga experience? If so, book a private session with one of our instructors!

For more information call us at (678) 967-5120.

Beginner Friendly 


Are you new to yoga, or have you been a yogi for a while but want to learn more about proper body alignment? If so, then this is the class for you! In this 60 minute class, we will break down the most common poses and go over the details of proper body alignment. We will also answer any questions you have regarding poses. All levels welcome!

Mindful Flow

Balance and restore your energy while you are guided through a slow and mindful flow. This class focuses on our posture, flexibility, and helps to open blockages. All levels are welcome.

Power Flow

Lets connect to the power within you. Your body will feel energized and present while you are guided through a class with breathing cues and modifications to advance in your practice. You will leave this class feeling more connected and alive.


A slow & mindful class where the poses are typically held from 3 to 5 minutes. This class is a moving meditation. The poses are designed to get deep into the fascia where we store emotional & physical tightness & tension. Through the hold of the poses, acceptance & using the breath as a tool, release happens. Space is created in the mind, body & emotional body. This is a deeply nurturing and healing practice. 

All Levels Flow

Come balance and restore your energy while you are guided through an All Levels Flow. We will help improve our posture, flexibility, and open blockages within our bodies. Creative sequencing will keep you inspired, while really exploring the postures. This class is suitable for beginners and all levels alike.

Slow Flow

This class is a slow and mindful approach to exploring movement in our bodies. This class will focus on breath, flexibility, and strength. We will focus on alignment, muscle activation, and pranayama in the postures to bring you into a state of meditation. Ideal for beginners and all levels.


This gentle yoga practice focuses primarily on rest, healing, connection & relaxation; the art of just being. The flow is slow, mindful & deep. All levels are welcome to rejuvenate & restore. The intention is for the student to explore their body as well as their emotional & mental health. Through breathing techniques, the student will be guided to a place of release & surrender in the poses. The spine will be taken in all directions for optimal physical health.

Natural Flow

This is an intuitive yoga flow based on the needs of the students. The intention is to hold a space where we can both dive deep & move & groove freely. This class is dynamic & offers both yin and yang asanas (postures). We will explore presence, rest, release & relaxation as well as physical strengthening & empowerment for ultimate balance. My intention is you will leave feeling renewed & centered. All levels welcome.


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